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Hey, gang! Big news -- we just passed 10,000,000 coupons created!
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Jen Tyzkan
Some tips for newcomers. 1) Make sure you enter a valid email to receive your coupon. 2) If you get asked to take a survey, you have to fill it out with real information, and continue to the 6th page until you see the "SURVEY COMPLETE" message. Other than that, pretty straightforward.
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Carmen Duran
Worked for me! The survey thing was kinda annoying but I understand why they have to do it. Worth it though!
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Bart Ommen
Okay, finally got it to work. Like The Terminator, "I'll be back"...
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Adam Lui
Thank you!!!!!!!
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Mary Cabuhat
This is a good find. Bookmarked for future couponing!
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Thomas Guski
Easy... . got it to work the first time around lol
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Abby Robinson
The code worked for me, no problems. Used it online.
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Ümit Dayan
God bless! Smart shopping.
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Pepper Chilli
Received my code instantly. Just use valid information and finish the survey. Not that hard guys...
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